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Veterinarians Searching Out Solutions for Swine Industry

EPI Air was on display at the Allen D. Lehman Swine Conference in St. Paul Minnesota’s River Centre, September 15th – 18th . Veterinarians from around the world gathered to review research work towards science-driven solutions to complex challenges facing the swine industry.

More than half of the visitors to the EPI Air booth had heard of EPI before.  We also received confirmation that veterinarians familiar with EPI technology are informing their inquiring clients that EPI technology is both science-based and makes sense. Several research veterinarians stopped by the booth as well, to touch base on on-going studies and soon-to-start studies involving EPI technology.

Several hypotheses are being tested to measure the impact toward better herd and worker health that cleaning the air provides. Of special note are studies that aim to measure the pathogen-killing effects of saturating the air with electrons, or antioxidants. These studies aim to confirm field observations of biologic activity against pathogens. The swine industry looks forward to having another tool to battle the PRRS virus, the influenza virus, mycoplasma and other diseases that may be limited through the use of EPI Air technology.

Are you interested in learning more about how EPI Air works?  Check out this video or contact us for more information.

Clean Air at the Allen D. Lehman Swine Conference

Leaders from the swine industry across the globe will be coming to the beautiful state of Minnesota this weekend. They are coming not just to see the beautiful fall colors, but to attend an internationally acclaimed Swine Conference.  The Allen D. Lehman Swine Conference, put on by the University of Minnesota Veterinary Medicine’s continuing education program, will be at the St. Paul River Centre in St. Paul, Minnesota on Sept. 15-18, 2012.

swine conferenceAllen D. Lehman was a University of MN Extension Veterinarian who initiated the conference in 1974 to give practitioners a forum to discuss important issues in the swine industry.  Lehman worked to define the links between swine disease and swine production. After Lehman’s death in 1994, the conference was renamed in his honor for his dedication to education in practicing veterinarians. Today, hundreds of participants from over 20 countries attend.

This conference is a great place to discuss best practices, challenges, and the latest innovations in the swine industry. Besides the great conference and pre-conference programs and poster presentations, many of the attendees greatly value the networking that happens in the seminars, hallways, and exhibit hall.  The staff from Baumgartner Environics looks forward to talking with veterinarians and graduate students about swine disease, swine production, and how EPI Air offers solutions through cleaning the air of dust particles for marked improvement in animal growth and livability.


Come visit us in booth #29 at the 2012 Allen D. Lehman Conference in St. Paul, MN!

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