Pig Producers Meet for Pork Congress in Mpls. to Talk Economy and Innovation

News from the MN Pork Congress featuring EPI Air!

An Interview with Matt Baumgartner of BEI:  http://kstp.com/article/stories/s2899272.shtml

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It is America’s “other white meat” and in Minnesota, pork is a multi-billion dollar industry. This week, two thousand pork producers are in the Twin Cities for the Minnesota Pork Congress at the Minneapolis Convention Center.

David Preisler, Executive Director of the Minnesota Pork Producers Association, says Minnesota has become known for adapting the latest technology. During the conference, farmers took a closer look at the latest innovations. Much of this year’s trade-show focused on pig comfort.

“A comfortable pig tends to be a healthy pig, and obviously it gives us a product that’s safe for consumers,” Preisler said.

“If the consumer isn’t happy and has trust and faith in us that we’re raising a product that they can feel confident in to consume and eat, then we have no future,” said Kevin Hugoson of Hugoson Pork.

The economy was also at the top of the agenda. The long-lasting drought has caused higher feed prices and farmers are hoping for rain.

“We are all hopeful for a lot of different reasons that we get rain that starts this spring into the summer, it will be best off for everyone,” Preisler said.

“We’re in the red right now, it can vary so much from operation to operation, but we’ve had high feed costs through last summer because of the drought,” Hugoson said.

“About 70 percent of the cost to raise pigs, which obviously turn into pork, is the feed that we feed those animals. And so if the feed is very high priced, then eventually that ends up being passed on,” Preisler said.

Preisler says consumers will likely know more about any rise in pork prices closer to summer.

“We could have food prices that actually go down if we get really good rainfall, we could have them go up if we don’t. And it’s one of those things that’s really in the control of mother nature, and we’re just going to have to wait that one out for right now,” Preisler said.

The USDA is predicting a 3 to 4 percent rise in pork prices compared to last year.

Pork is a $7 billion dollar industry in Minnesota. Together, Iowa and Minnesota raise 45 percent of the nation’s hogs.

EPI Air Video to be Broadcasted Across US

The benefits of EPI Air are being broadcasted across the nation in a special video segment of  “Today in America”, hosted by Terry Bradshaw.  So far, the EPI Air Segment of “Today in America” has been broadcasted on CNN Headline News in the St. Louis, Minneapolis, and the Phoenix/Flagstaff markets. During the month of July, 2012, the “Today in America” show featuring the EPI Air segment will also be broadcasted in the Evansville, Indiana market. Take a look at the broadcast airing schedule for Evansville below.

Baumgartner Environics Segment of “Today in America”

EPI Air in the News

Evansville Broadcast Schedule

Evansville Sunday 7/1 10:35 PM NBC WFIE-TV
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Baumgartner Environics on Today in America will be seen in up to 15 markets throughout 2012, as well as one national broadcast on the Fox Business Network.

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“Today in America” features EPI (Video)

EPI was recently featured in “Today in America”, with a video hosted by Terry Bradshaw.  “Today in America” headlines innovative products and news from businesses, inventors, and leaders across the United States. John and Matt Baumgartner of Baumgartner Environics, and Steve Pollman and Chris Rademacher of Murphy-Brown LLC explain how EPI  (Electrostatic Particle Ionization) results in cleaner, healthier air, providing a better work environment for all involved including animals and workers alike.

Today In America with Terry Bradshaw Logo

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Watch what happens when EPI Dust Reduction is Unplugged (Video)

The effects of Electrostatic Particulate Ionization may seem invisible at first.  But you will see the difference after just a few days, when the dust starts collecting on surfaces. You can also see the effects of the EPI Dust Reduction System when it is switched off.

In the video below, watch the effects of unplugging the EPI Air System.

The EPI Air Dust Reduction System requires a bit of a paradigm shift regarding cleanliness, since a thick layer of dust will collect on surfaces in your barn. Dust collected on surfaces is better than dust suspended in the air, even though it is more noticeable on the surface. Removing dust from the air enhances ventilation and reduces stress on respiratory systems.  Research shows EPI Air improves the overall performance and growth of livestock.