EPI Meets European Standards for Reducing Dust Emissions

EPI Air’s negative ionization system complies with European standards for reduction of dust emissions from poultry facilities, as studied by the Wageningen UR Livestock Research. EPI has been certified in the Netherlands as a solution for the reduction of dust emissions from poultry house air.

The Study that was completed by Wageningen UR Livestock Research was conducted at two commercial broiler farm locations, each with two identical broiler houses, using  a case-control experimental design. One house was equipped with the negative ionization system, while the other served as a control, for a total of four broiler houses in the study. Dust emission reductions were noted in the following areas: Particulate Matter – PM10 and PM2.5, Ammonia, Odor, Methane, and Nitrous Oxide.

Learn more about how EPI meets the Netherlands Certification:

Learn more about the research and data on Electrostatic Particle Ionization or how the EPI Air System works to see if it could be a solution to your agricultural dust emissions.


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