Other Products

EPI Air provides innovative, practical solutions for the agricultural and rural communities. Besides the EPI System for agricultural dust reduction, EPI Air also offers other products to help provide solutions for your agricultural and environmental needs.


Bio-Cap lagoon coversBio-Cap® Lagoon Covers

EPI Air is the manufacturer of Bio-Cap lagoon covers that reduce emissions from swine lagoons. Odors and odorous emissions that travel from animal feeding operations to farm water treatment lagoons can be controlled with the Bio-Cap multi-layer Lagoon Covers.


Bio-Curtain Reduces Agricultural DustBio-Curtain®

The Bio-Curtain by EPI Air helps livestock producers with dust and odor emission control by using exhaust fans to blow the contaminated air straight up and out of the Bio-Curtain structure. Exhausting the air upward out of the building using the Bio-Curtain System helps reduce particulates and emissions. This controls the odor and provides cleaner air for the animals, workers and neighbors. The Bio-Curtain can be used with or without the Electrostatic Particulate Ionization (EPI) Air System.

For more information on containment systems, lagoon covers or the Bio-Curtain, please contact us.