Bio-Curtain For Dust ControlThe Bio-Curtain® by EPI Air helps livestock producers with dust and odor emission control by using exhaust fans to blow the contaminated air straight up and out of the Bio-Curtain® structure. Exhausting the air upward out of the building using the Bio-Curtain® System helps reduce and mitigate particulate emissions. This controls the odor and provides cleaner air for the neighbors. The Bio-Curtain® can work in conjunction with the Electrostatic Particle Ionization (EPI) Air System.

The benefits of adding a Bio-Curtain® to your EPI System include:

  • Bio Curtain for Dust ControlTreats air vertically instead of horizontally, with more coverage
  • Improves site aesthetics since dust build-up is contained in Bio-Curtain®

The Bio-Curtain® is designed with affordability and ease of use in mind:

  • Full installation or do-it-yourself kits available
  • Low maintenance cleaning – (clean internally as needed, external is self-cleaning)
  • Low operating costs (just pennies per day)

The Bio-Curtain® is a structure installed outside your livestock building that is built to last:

  • All steel (Allied Gatorshield™)free-standing structure
  • Engineered to withstand high winds and heavy snow load (when installed according to engineering specifications)
  • Rodent-resistant

For more information about EPI and the Bio-Curtain® by BEI, please contact us.