Lagoon Covers

EPI Air is the manufacturer of Bio-Cap lagoon covers that reduce emissions from swine lagoons. Odors and odorous emissions that travel from animal feeding operations to farm water treatment lagoons can be controlled with the Bio-Cap multi-layer Lagoon Covers.

Bio-Cap Lagoon Cover

EPI Air has several different types of permeable and impermeable lagoon covers available to meet the needs of the operation. Numerous lagoon cover case studies and research have been conducted that demonstrate the effectiveness of the Bio-Cap Lagoon cover. For instance, one study by Southern Utah University showed an 83.7% decrease in odorĀ of the covered lagoons compared to the uncovered anaerobic lagoons.

Benefits of Bio-Cap Lagoon Covers

Permeable Lagoon Covers

  • Effective odor and gas-emission control
  • Bio-Cap lagoon coversBuoyant, floats at lagoon surface
  • Biogas passes through cover
  • Rainfall filters through cover
  • Strong and flexible
  • Stops wave action
  • Limits berm erosion
  • Very low maintenance

Impermeable Lagoon Covers

  • Effective odor control
  • Stops evaporation
  • Captures methane gas
  • Segregates rainwater from waste water
  • Rainwater easily pumped from a central point
  • Accommodates fluctuation in basin level

For more information about the Bio-Cap Lagoon Covers by BEI, please contact us.