Ten Reasons to use EPI Air in your Barn

If you are a swine or poultry producer who wants to improve your production rates, it is time to learn about Electrostatic Particle Ionization (EPI) by Baumgartner Environics. EPI is a patented air-cleaning system, specially designed for reducing dust particles from agricultural settings and other confined spaces. Read more about how it works here.

Why use EPI to Improve your In-Barn Air Quality?

  1. Proven Dust Removal – USDA Studies and other test data show that EPI Air can help remove 50-80% of dust particles and aerosols from the air.
  2. Improve Animal Production – EPI Air has been shown to dramatically improve animal production and livability (See Murphy-Brown’s production gains).
  3. Employee Work Environment & Morale – Cleaner air makes it easier for employees to breathe inside the animal production area, creating a better work environment.
  4. Quick Return on Investment – Murphy-Brown calculated less than 34 weeks to get a ROI based on their own 99.9% statistically significant tests.
  5. Reduce Odors for Neighbors– EPI Air catches dust particles inside the barn, so gases and pathogens can’t “hitch a ride” on dust particles being emitted outside. Visitors and neighbors will appreciate reduced barn odors.
  6. Encourage Growth – Cleaner air can also relieve stress on animals, creating an environment that improves the rate of swine and poultry growth.
  7. Reduce Mortalities – EPI Air has been shown to reduce mortality rates (Mortalities reduced by 26.1% for Murphy-Brown).
  8. Innovative Combinations – EPI Air can be combined with other clean-air methods such as filtration for promising results.
  9. Fight PRRS – EPI Air may help PRRS infected pigs to fight secondary complications. 
  10. Worldwide Recognition– EPI Air is installed in barns across the globe. In fact, EPI complies with European standards for dust reduction with Certification in the Netherlands, and also has been invested in by the Canadian government in support of the Manitoba Pork Council.

If you would like to learn more about how EPI Air can make a difference in your production facility, please contact us today.

New Fashion Pork Commended by Neighbors

New Fashion Pork is a progressive pork production leader that operates on strong relationships, stewardship of the land, and the highest standards in animal care. With a quarter century of experience in the swine industry, the NFP family has the vision to continually improve and enhance their value chain across their operations in Minnesota, Indiana, Iowa, Illinois, South Dakota, and Wyoming. Now, New Fashion Pork demonstrates how they act on their values, as they take the lead in environmental quality by installing EPI Air in their newest facility northwest of Armstrong, Iowa.

EPI Air Dust Reduction System

Earlier this year, John and Matt Baumgartner of Baumgartner Environics were invited to give a presentation to the Emmet County Board of Supervisors in Iowa on behalf of New Fashion Pork. The Baumgartner’s demonstrated a unique dust emission control device that reduces airborne dust in animal confinements, called EPI (Electrostatic Particle Ionization). This technology, called EPI Air, creates cleaner air by putting negative ions into the animal production air space, trapping dust and impurities, by collecting it on surfaces in the barn.  EPI Air reduces pathogens, gases and odors, improving the air quality for the animals inside and for the neighbors outside the barns.

Win-Win for Pork Producers and Neighbors

EPI Air is a win-win for the both the pork producers and their neighbors, because EPI reduces dust, gas, and odor emissions, and improves animals’ rate of gain while, simultaneously, reducing death loss. New Fashion Pork has been commended by the local Emmett County Board of Supervisors for taking a leadership role in improving environmental quality – proactively being a good neighbor and providing better quality air for the animals.  New Fashion Pork made the clean air choice on their own, without neighbors or the County Board of Supervisors asking them to take action. New Fashion Pork is to be commended indeed.

Read the whole story “New Fashion Pork to be Commended” via Estherville Daily News

Do you know of a Pork or Poultry Producer who could benefit from installing the EPI Air?  Please contact us for more information or comment below.