EPI Air Video to be Broadcasted Across US

The benefits of EPI Air are being broadcasted across the nation in a special video segment of  “Today in America”, hosted by Terry Bradshaw.  So far, the EPI Air Segment of “Today in America” has been broadcasted on CNN Headline News in the St. Louis, Minneapolis, and the Phoenix/Flagstaff markets. During the month of July, 2012, the “Today in America” show featuring the EPI Air segment will also be broadcasted in the Evansville, Indiana market. Take a look at the broadcast airing schedule for Evansville below.

Baumgartner Environics Segment of “Today in America”

EPI Air in the News

Evansville Broadcast Schedule

Evansville Sunday 7/1 10:35 PM NBC WFIE-TV
Evansville Sunday 7/8 10:35 PM NBC WFIE-TV
Evansville Sunday 7/15 10:35 PM NBC WFIE-TV
Evansville Sunday 7/22 10:35 PM NBC WFIE-TV

Baumgartner Environics on Today in America will be seen in up to 15 markets throughout 2012, as well as one national broadcast on the Fox Business Network.

Watch for this informational video on EPI Air on your local channels or view the EPI Air segment on YouTube!

“Today in America” features EPI (Video)

EPI was recently featured in “Today in America”, with a video hosted by Terry Bradshaw.  “Today in America” headlines innovative products and news from businesses, inventors, and leaders across the United States. John and Matt Baumgartner of Baumgartner Environics, and Steve Pollman and Chris Rademacher of Murphy-Brown LLC explain how EPI  (Electrostatic Particle Ionization) results in cleaner, healthier air, providing a better work environment for all involved including animals and workers alike.

Today In America with Terry Bradshaw Logo

If you would like to learn more about how EPI could benefit your livestock, call Baumgartner Environics at 800-823-4234, fill out this simple form, or comment below.