The Value of Clean Air – $3.16 per Pig

The world’s largest hog producer, Murphy-Brown LLC, recently installed EPI Air in its Circle Four commercial nurseries in Milford, Utah. After only 5 months, 600,000 nursery pigs treated with EPI Air generated an additional $1,896,000 in profit. Based on 194,000 nursery spaces, the enhanced clean air environment created by EPI Air added $3.16 per pig placed.

Project Scope

EPI Air installations began in June 2012 and all 194,000 nursery spaces were completed in August 2012. EPI was installed utilizing the ceiling as a ground plane. The total of equipment and labor costs to install EPI Air at the commercial nurseries was $985,765.

Decreased Mortality

Murphy-Brown, like most producers, closely monitors mortality rates of its nursery pigs. Since installing EPI Air in August of 2012, never before in Circle Four’s history has the average mortality rate been so low for such a prolonged period. For instance, prior to installation, its 4-year average mortality was 3.16%. Since the EPI Air installation, nursery mortality has consistently remained between 1 and 2%.

C4 Mortality Performance



Increased Average Daily Gain

Murphy-Brown also closely monitors its average daily gains. ADG performance since installing EPI Air in August of 2012 has remained above 1 pound per day, as compared to the prior 4-year average of .937.

C4 ADG Performance

Narrowing the Standard Deviation

EPI Air has also helped Murphy-Brown narrow the standard deviations for mortality rates and average daily gain. When producers narrow standard deviations, production predictions are more accurate, which allows them to make smarter business decisions and be more profitable.

Bottom Line Impact

For Murphy-Brown, fewer mortalities and higher average daily gains made a huge impact to its bottom line. In just 5 months, the EPI Air system increased Circle Four’s profit by $613,000 per nursery turn, increasing the value per pig by $3.16.

Realizing the ROI of Clean Air

Production results were better than tests had predicted. Never before in Circle Four’s history have there been such consistently low mortality rates and increases in average daily gain. And these record reductions and gains have been set since the EPI Air installation. With ADG improved by 12.9%, weight on day 45 improved by 9.5%, and mortalities reduced by 57.6%, Circle Four realized its return on investment for EPI Air in just 75 days!

Murphy-Brown LLC now understands the real value of clean air – measured by each of its 600,000 pigs at $3.16 each.

Since August of 2012, over 600,000 nursery pigs have been treated with EPI Air. The results have been astonishing – with the increased value per pig placed at $3.16!


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