Why Use EPI?

Leaders in the livestock industry are continually looking for ways to improve the performance of their livestock. Just like food and water, clean air is essential to an animal’s health. Improving in-barn air quality is now achievable with EPI Air Technology by Baumgartner Environics.

Here are some reasons to use EPI to improve air quality:

Improve Production

Nurseries who have used EPI Air have noted significant production gains. For instance, Murphy-Brown cited an increase of ADG by 12.2%, and an increase in weights of 9.3%.

Reduce Mortalities

Cleaner in-barn air quality leads to a reduction in livestock mortalities. Murphy-Brown reported a reduced mortality rate an astonishing 26.1%.

Reduce Barn Emissions

In-barn emissions are reduced in barns that use EPI Air. When Murphy-Brown tested the air quality in barns with EPI installed, compared to the control barns, there was a significant reduction in particulate matter, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, and odor.

34 Week Return on Investment

On top of the environmental reasons to use this dust reduction system, EPI also makes economical sense. Murphy-Brown reported a quick, 34 week ROI with the EPI Air System, making it a must-have technology in their hog barns system-wide.

With results such as improved production, reduced mortalities, and reduced barn emissions, it is easy to see why improving in-barn air quality with EPI Air improves the overall performance of your livestock in a cost-effective way.

To learn more about EPI Air and all of its benefits, please watch this video or contact us.

8 Ways to Take a Breath of Fresh Air this Earth Day

This Earth Day, there are many ways that you can show your respect for the Earth.  From planting a tree, to cleaning the ditches, or starting a new routine in your home or business that will help your reduce, reuse, or recycle. Every green effort counts to help the earth and its resourceful land, water and air.

At Baumgartner Environics, we are taking the importance of indoor air quality one step further, because not only is breathing clean air vital for human beings, but animals as well.  The EPI Air System helps the livestock industry improve their in-barn air quality through dust reduction at the source. Our hypothesis is that cleaner air in livestock barns leads to improvement in animal growth and livability.

8 More Ways to Improve your Indoor Air Quality:

  1. Avoid second-hand smoke, and don’t smoke yourself.
  2. Get some houseplants! We all know that plants convert carbon dioxide into oxygen through photosynthesis, but a NASA/ALCA study also showed that many houseplants also remove harmful elements such as trichloroethylene, benzene, and formaldehyde from the air.
  3. open window clean airInstall a carbon monoxide detector to make sure your home stays free of this deadly gas.  Also be sure to never let your car run while parked in the garage.
  4. Check your home for radon.  Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer and is odorless and colorless.  Tests can be purchased from the hardware store or requested from the EPA.
  5. Change the filters in your air conditioner and furnace before the heating and cooling seasons begin.
  6. Avoid using chemicals when you can.  For instance, get no or low -VOC paints and non-toxic home cleaners and air fresheners. Try soy candles or homemade cleaners to keep it natural.
  7. Keep an eye out for visible molds in your home that could be dangerous and an indicator of moisture and bacteria problems.
  8. Open the windows, better yet – go outside! Fresh air does wonders for the body and to clear your mind.

This Earth Day, think about how you can make extra efforts to help the earth.  Could you ride-share to reduce your carbon footprint? There are many ways that you can reduce air pollution, and every bit counts.

How are you celebrating Earth Day? What extra efforts are you taking to help keep the earth’s land, water, or air clear of pollutants?