Why Use EPI

Inside of Poultry Barn

Inside of poultry barn before EPI

EPI Air technology improves in-barn air quality through dust reduction at the source. Research shows that cleaner air in livestock barns leads to improved animal productivity. Cleaner air also relieves stress on animals. Leading agricultural producers have used EPI Air with amazing results. Data supports that EPI Air technology creates an environment that improves the rate of swine and poultry growth along with reducing mortality to provide a quick return on investment.

EPI Air technology creates cleaner air in the barn. This results in a better place for the animals to live, a better work environment and fewer emissions from the barn to surrounding neighbors…not to mention improving the bottom line.

Cleaner air inside poultry barn

Inside of poultry barn after EPI installation

Why EPI Air?  

  1. EPI Air has been shown to dramatically improve animal production, resulting in a quick return on investment (ROI). Murphy-Brown, LLC calculated under 34 weeks to ROI based on their own 99.9% statistically significant tests.
  2. The air in a barn environment has 50% to 80% of the dust particles and aerosols stripped from the air, based on USDA studies and numerous other test data. EPI Air is responsible for the dramatic production improvement documented in numerous tests.
  3. Cleaner air makes it easier to breathe inside the animal production area.
  4. Gases and pathogens hitch a ride on dust particles. Catching dust particles inside the barn means they and those things attached are not being emitted to the outside air and surrounding community. It’s kind of a “good neighbor” policy.

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