How to Clean a Barn with EPI Installed

Often we hear questions from customers regarding how to clean a barn that has the EPI Air® System installed. The answer is basically “Clean the barn like usual,” but here are a few things to remember.

Think Differently about Dust

leaf blowerThe EPI Air® System requires a bit of a paradigm shift regarding room cleanliness, since a thick layer of visible dust will collect on surfaces in the barn. It is important to remember that dust collected on surfaces is superior to dust suspended in the breathable air.  Even though the dust will be more noticeable on these surfaces, removing dust from the air enhances ventilation and data shows that it improves production.

Clean the Barn like Usual

When the animal production phase has been completed, the room can be cleaned as part of normal barn washing operations. The EPI Air® components can be power-washed when the system is powered off.  A handheld leaf blower also works well to remove the collected dust from the surfaces to get them out of the barn. Turn the fans on to purge and blow the dust off barn surfaces.  Dust is also removed easily by sweeping with a broom or rapping on the surfaces with a rubber mallet.

What other questions do you have about cleaning a barn with the EPI® System installed?

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