How EPI Works

EPI Air (Electrostatic Particulate Ionization) is a patented air-cleaning system, specially designed for reducing dust, germs and gasses from agricultural settings and other confined spaces. Data shows a dramatic improvement in production and livability.  Research is underway to understand the impact to the respiratory and immune systems.  A hypothesis is that those systems are less challenged and more feed energy is available for growth.  EPI Air will keep you posted as data comes in.

The EPI Air System sprays up to a thousand trillion charged ions into the air space every second, which in turn, remove dust particles, pathogens and gasses from the air.

What is electrostatic particulate ionization?

Negative ions and particles in the air are attracted to one another. When concentrations of negative ions are in the air, the ions collide with floating particles in large numbers, polarizing them and giving them a positive and negative side. This causes the particles to act like magnets and “stick” to each other and whatever surface they touch first.

What happens to the dust?

EPI Air concentrates cleaner air in the pig breathing zone.  Dust particles will collect on surfaces in the barn such as floors, feeders, gates, etc.

What happens to the pathogens?

Research data shows a reduction in pathogens in the EPI Air environment. Whether trapped to a surface where infection is less likely, or killed because an abundance of negative ions interferes with the cellular functions of microbes, pathogens are less abundant in the EPI Air environment.

How does EPI affect livestock performance?

When dust particles collect on surfaces, instead of floating around and entering animals’ lungs, the air is cleaner. The data from multiple studies show that swine and poultry produced in the EPI Air environment grow bigger, faster, and fewer die. Murphy-Brown, LLC independent data showed a 12.2% improvement in the average daily gain of nursery pigs and a 26.1% reduction in mortality, with a 99.9% statistical confidence.

Want to see how EPI would clean the air in your livestock buildings? Contact us for a free demonstration or view the video below!

Introduction to EPI Air Video