What is EPI

Main Parts EPI II (395x394)EPI (Electrostatic Particle Ionization) consists of these basic parts: a power supply, corona pipe, motorized winch and a HV switch.

Power Supply

A high voltage, low amperage power supply is connected to the corona pipe to energize the EPI System, delivering EPI Air.

Corona Pipe

The corona pipe lines are stainless steel pipes suspended from the ceiling.  The corona pipe distributes ions into the air, which reduce dust, germ and gasses from the air. This patented system maintains and optimizes the ion flow, which cleans the air in the breathing zone of the animal.

High Voltage Switch

The high voltage switch enables you to turn the EPI Air system on and off while working in the barn.

Motorized Winch

The motorized winch is used to raise the EPI system out of the way when workers are in the barn.  Simply press the button to raise the system when in the barn, and lower it with the touch of a button when you leave.

To view the daily operation of the EPI System in a nursery barn watch this video:

EPI Daily Operation Video